Video Marketing

The Video Revolution

Video has taken the web by storm and any business interested in growing their audience and customer base has to use video as an essential part of that strategy. Did you know that 57% of all consumer internet traffic is for video and is expected to grow to 69% by 2017? How about this, site visitors who view a video are 64% more likely to make a purchase.

46% of daily searches on sites like Google and Bing are for products and services. In fact, 48 of the 50 top internet retailers are now using video on their sites, a 200% increase from 2011. Having a video that explains the sales process to a customer can increase sales by as much as 300%.

The mere mention of video increases email open rates by 19% and increases click-through rates 65%. That’s because 78% of people online watch videos weekly and 55% watch them daily. People love video and they want more of it.

What this means is that companies who spend millions on marketing each year understand the importance of using videos for their businesses and you should too. Like any good strategy, there are multiple elements necessary to be successful and a handheld shaky camera isn’t going to cut it. That might work great when you’re on vacation but not so much for your business.

That’s where an experienced video professional is needed. They create a product that reflects your business’s message and values in a way that makes your business look first class. Our understanding of this led us to develop partnerships with companies that have years of experience and they’re knowledgeable staff pour their hearts into each video they make for you.

Whether it’s a short commercial, a customer testimonial, seminars or interviews the Melech Media team will create something great you’ll be proud to say is yours.

Not Your Typical SEO

There’s another part of the video marketing equation that’s equally important and this is where most businesses drop the ball. What good does it do you to have a great video series or commercial if no one ever sees it? Too many businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars creating videos that are never seen outside of a handful of people. This happens because the video owners don’t know how to promote them and neither do their videographers.

That’s where Video SEO comes in, and it’s as important for ranking videos as SEO is for ranking websites. Each time someone sees your video it should be playing the role of salesman by asking for the sale in this case it’s asking them to visit your site.
These videos can drive tons of traffic to any website and once they get their having a site that’s professionally designed to convert visitors into buyers will take care of the rest.

The Answer

As you can see there’s a lot of thinking and proper execution that goes into creating a winning web business. You could spend years learning how to do it right while the technology continues to evolve, or you can leave it to us to be your marketing department and focus on what you do best, run and grow your business.

Learn more about Video Marketing and how you can benefit from it, call us at (214) 814-4814 or fill out our discovery form. Let’s take your business to the next level.