Mindset and its power to change your life

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If there were one thing I could go back in time to change, it would be my mindset. I would tell my younger self a couple of things, the first would be “how you think is the biggest part of your success – because everything you do will be a direct response to how you think.” Aside from that only taking action ranks anywhere near as important as how you think.

Here’s why, before any action is taken it first presents itself as thought. The moment a thought is born, your mental conditioning brings up years of bad experiences, fears, doubts and insecurities that either abort or change your intended action before its ever taken.


The power of mindset

Your mindset is extremely important when you try to do new things, especially things that are difficult. Having a strong will and knowing that you’re going to set out to do something and actually do it all starts in your head.

If you have all the ability in the world but you don’t believe that you can do something then you’re right and you won’t do it. Henry Ford once said, “If you think that you can do something you’re right and if you think that you can’t you’re right.”

If you’re thinking on a daily basis “I can’t do this, I can’t do this” that’s going to become a self-fulfilling prophecy and you’ll find you weren’t able to do it. That’s because your thinking is what led to your decisions that turned out bad or the decisions that you made so that things could turn out good.

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What you believe is what you will achieve

One of the things that holds people back is what’s known as a preconceived notion. To give you a quick story, I know someone that recently had an old car and they asked me “Can you help me sell this car?” I said “Sure. We’ll put it on Craigslist and it will sell in a couple of days.” My friend thought nobody would give them more than $500 for that car if that.

The car needed an alternator, the check engine light would stay on, etc. “It’s just a bummy old car and nobody’s going to want to buy that.” they said. I replied “No. You’ll sell the car for $1500 and that will include a discount so the buyer can get the alternator fixed and the check engine light repaired as well.” We went ahead and took some pictures and we put it on Craigslist.

That same day people started calling, the phone just kept ringing and ringing. By the weekend when my friend was able to show the car, someone showed up threw down $1500 cash and the car was sold. My friend who owned the car had a preconceived notion that the car wouldn’t sell because in their mind no one would be willing to give more than $500 for it.

Maybe they had dealt so many times with the issues the car had, they just felt it had no value. Truth is, what you think is not what everyone else thinks. So, when you’re saying, “This isn’t possible!” There are plenty of other people that are saying “This is totally possible!!” Which proves the point that what you think is going to affect everything about any situations outcome.

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Your past does not determine your future

Another huge myth many people believe is that you can’t outrun your past. Well let me tell you – your past does not determine your future. Let’s say you’re just coming off of a chain of failures, if you’re going to talk about failure let’s talk about Abraham Lincoln. He’s known as one of the most historic presidents the United States has ever had and he tried to win public office 16 times!

He tried to be the mayor, a congressman, he also tried to be a senator and every single time he failed. The only office he ever won was the presidency and then he went on to be one of the most historic presidents ever.

What does that say about his mindset? It was “I’m going to continue going forward until I achieve what I’m trying to achieve.” Lincoln didn’t look at his past failures and say “I’ve done this fourteen times I’m just never going to make it.” Instead, he had the force of will and the mental fortitude to say “I’m going to continue until I win.” That’s how he became our 16th president.

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Abundance is everywhere

Another thing that is hugely important to realize is the fact that abundance is everywhere. The thought that there is no money or that the market is bad, the economy is horrible, etc. This may be true but my question to you is – what does that have to do with you?

While there are all these people in the media going on about doom and gloom and everything is horrible, there are plenty of people who are having the best year ever. There are lots of people getting into medical school and lots of people graduating from law school and getting jobs at firms and companies that they only dreamt of.

All those people are living in a time of abundance and they’re just not able to relate to all these people who are saying things are horrible. I don’t blame anyone for finding themselves in difficult situations life happens. I’m just trying to say your mindset has a ton of influence in how you respond to bad situations.

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Looking back, I can say that when viewed the right way our failures can actually be beneficial and help us in many situations we come to face in the future. If you can break through your preconceived notions and understand that there is abundance everywhere you can achieve great things.

When we’re children we dream and we believe that we can do so many wonderful things but as we get older we experience failures or we get attached to negative people and it becomes normal to believe that things just aren’t going to be so great.

Add to that the media is continually telling you how bad things are. The nightly news is a daily dose of fear and doubt that should be avoided at all costs. Delete your news apps from your phone and stop watching the nightly news you will feel better, I did.

If something real important happens, your friends and family will tell you about it after they berate you for not watching the news. There was a man who once said “I don’t follow the press because it’s always bad news” that man was Thomas Jefferson. He lived about two hundred years ago and served as our 3rd president. If that was his concept of the media back then, imagine the news of today?

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Change how you think about money

One of the biggest Achilles heel’s for a lot of people is the way they think about money. Many of us were raised hearing “money doesn’t grow on trees” or the classic “what do you think I’m made out of money?” Those statements form the way we think about money. So, a kid who grows up without means has a different mindset about money than someone who grew up with lots of it.

We have to move past thinking this is too hard to achieve and we need to start thinking – my achievement is only limited by how much action I take. Ask yourself why am I doing this? What is the goal? What is the motivating factor that has you wanting to start a new business?

People tend to think, I just want to increase my income or I want to fire my boss or be able to take vacations more often or buy a bigger house or nicer car, etc. Yet, all those things tie into one thing that people really want. They want more money because what they’re actually after is more freedom.

Money doesn’t bring happiness. Money can bring comfort. The root of what most people are truly after is greater freedom and a sense of meaning in this world. Once you realize that, you’re no longer chasing after money you’re actually looking to achieve greater freedom.

Understanding that helps you focus on what you want. An important step is asking yourself “why am I doing this?” Your answer may be: I’m doing this because I need a bigger house. We just had a child and we need another room for the baby. Now you know what your destination is. Next, you have to put a number on that destination. If you just say “I need a lot of money” a lot of money isn’t actually a thing.

So how can you reach an intangible like “a lot of money.” But if you say “I need another $100,000.” Now you have a goal to work towards that can actually be measured. You can calculate what you need to do to achieve that. Once you know what your target number is, all you have to do is make a commitment to start changing your life. Commit to changing your way of doing things. Focus the time that you commit to tasks that will help build your business.

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Commit to change

When you can say “I’m going to stop watching NCIS” or “I’m done watching every game on Sunday and I’m going to go and spend that time working on my business.” and actually do it, things will actually start to change in your life. You have to do it to understand. It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s gradual. Like a snowball on the top of mountain when it reaches the bottom it’s huge!

One of the most interesting things about people not achieving their goals and their dreams is the fact that they don’t plan to fail they just fail to plan. They never sit down and say, “You know what, I’m going to think about what I want to achieve and I’m going to think about where I’m at and how I can change that.”

It’s rare for someone to make a plan, follow the plan diligently until they get a return on investment. Those that do are successful. Unfortunately, most people don’t think and act that way. More often than not, people just keep doing the same thing they’ve been doing and hope and dream that something will change.

You don’t have to just hope and dream. You have to know what you want, make a plan, execute that plan and continue working at it until you succeed. The reward will arrive because you will have earned it. By continually putting your nose to the grindstone.

Do this – make a list of what it is that you hope to achieve. Write it all out in detail and make that list as long as you like. I recommend you right out exactly what it is that you want to accomplish over the next 12 months. Start with small achievements,small wins that aren’t to hard easy to do. For example, building your first website, getting your first customer and making your first sale.

Do these things and before you know it at the end of the year you’ll have a long list of things you did that will surprise you. I recommend that you avoid discussing your plans (I speak from great experience). The more you talk about what you want to do, the less likely you’re actually going to do it.

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Dreamers vs Doers

How many of us don’t have a ton of diet books on our bookshelf? The reason is that when we go out and we buy a diet book, in our subconscious mind we feel satisfaction that we tried to lose weight. What we end up doing is falling into this cycle where we constantly chasing after the next shiny object that will give us that sense of satisfaction without the work.

Whether it’s money or losing weight and feeling better about ourselves, we just buy the book or courses or we watch the shows but we don’t actually take action. We simply talk about it and act like we’re doing something.

Aside from that when you start talking to people about your dreams most of the time they’re going to tell you it’s not possible. Then, we fall into this cycle of negativity and you have people who are afraid to accomplish their own dreams listening to you go on about yours. Hoping that they’re going to tell you “Yeah that’s great! Go do it!”

Unfortunately, it’s usually the opposite and the closer they are to you, the more likely they will take the air out of your balloon. So, my suggestion is you keep it to yourself and you talk about the things that you actually accomplished after you’ve done them.

After you have your victory then if you feel compelled to go and share that with the people close to you great. But before you do it its better to just keep it quiet, keep it to yourself, make it that burning desire inside of you. Go out and get it and then once you have celebrate and share that with your loved ones. Warning: many just won’t understand.

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My recommendations

1. Take immediate action don’t leave it for tomorrow, do it today!

2. Analyze your results and adjust accordingly. You’re going to make mistakes everybody does.

To get good at something you have to do it many times. Mastery comes from repetition and it’s usually going to take a couple of years. One thing is for sure and that is you’re never going to get there if you don’t start now as an amateur, a newbie. You have to start and you just keep working your way through and then you’ll get to a level where you say “This is so easy.”

3. Finally, seek out like-minded people.

If you’re into Internet Marketing, seek out other Internet marketers who you can share your experiences with. People that can understand what you’re going through because their wives look at them like their crazy as well!

If you’re into crocheting then seek out other people who do crochet. Discuss and enjoy spending time with people who are trying to do the same things you are.

I hope this has been helpful for you. I hope that it inspires you to go forward and do something great! Remember anything you set your mind to you can achieve!

If this resonates with you or you have questions. Let me know and share it with a friend.

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